代表取締役 明日誠

Options for housing are usually houses that are economical but lack charm, or houses that are charming but take a lot of time and effort to maintain. There are no suitable housing options that in between these two choices.
We are making it known that it is possible to construct stand-alone housing just by using existing mass produced materials. This housing narrows down its focus to balancing all elements of design, function, economy, crime prevention and privacy. Our houses do not have too much or too few of these elements. They will also not become outdated in the decades to come and can live up to ideal standards and patterns. We provide asset housing to lay a foundation which can make the landscape and societal assets of this country beautiful. Our houses come with a 20 year construction warranty, a 10 year equipment warranty, and 20 year earthquake warranty. They are also fully equipped with floor heating and air conditioners in all rooms, as well as furniture and electric vehicle chargers.

President and CEO Makoto Nukui